Household Savings in Shambles

During the pandemic, the household savings rate had reached up in the trillions as people were not going out and not spending as much, by systematic design. However, that savings is quickly turning to dust as inflation hits at an all time high and lockdowns have ended. People are starting to live their lives again, … Read more

The Wheel Strategy – Enhancing Your Portfolio

Today I want to discuss a trading strategy that I use to get into my stock positions. This strategy has become famous throughout the internet as the Wheel Strategy or the Wheel of Fortune strategy. A few factors to consider before entering the wheel strategy: I’m doing this on a stock I don’t mind owning … Read more

Recent Dividend Payments and Stock Purchases – March 1, 2021

First Quarter Dividend Payments It’s March 1st and the first cycle of dividend payments for my current stock holdings are complete. In January, I received $1,580 in dividend payments from my shares of SPY. In February, I received a total of $2,008 in dividend payments from my shares in Apple, McDonalds, Microsoft, Realty Income, and … Read more