Recent Dividend Payments – Halloween Edition

Halloween Check in

It’s been a while since I’ve done an update and now seems like a perfect time to do so since I have some free time right before Halloween.

As of Halloween, I’ve received a total of $16,993.40 in dividends. The dividend breakdown by month is as follows:

  1. January – $2,286.65
  2. February – $2,009.65
  3. March – $802.65
  4. April – $1,984.65
  5. May – $1,111.25
  6. June – $1,733.52
  7. July – $2,082.65
  8. August – $1,111.25
  9. September – $1,733.52
  10. October – $2,137.65

The dividend breakdown by company is as follows:

  • Apple – $776.20
  • McDonald’s – $1,942.74
  • Microsoft – $843.36
  • Realty Income – $7,069.46
  • Starbucks – $411
  • S&P 500 ETF – $5,662
  • Visa – $288.64

Dividend Discussion

Realty Income has been paying out the most dividends, giving monthly payments similar to that of owning rental property. The S&P 500 ETF (SPY) comes in second with $5,662 in dividend payments. I tell everyone, don’t skip out on SPY. SPY and chill is a very real thing and in the long run, the S&P will outperform most active traders.

The smallest dividend amount comes from Visa. As I wrote in my article back then on SeekingAlpha, Visa is a long term dividend growth company. It’s still growing and expanding across the world, especially in the FinTech universe. Given that it’s still in a strong growth phase, its dividends is still relatively small compared to its peers in the S&P (Mastercard, Amex). The good news is that Visa recently increased its dividend (just as a dividend growth stock should).


I haven’t re-invested any of the dividends I’ve received yet since first quarter. I’ve been withdrawing my payments to help pay off my mortgage faster (perhaps I’ll do a post on that soon).

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