Easy Residual Income with Dividend Stocks

Those who invest in dividend paying stocks earn an easy residual income every quarter. And building up a huge pile of dividend stocks can earn a hefty amount of income with a relatively lower risk investment. Be wary of those companies that say they have a 7% ROI payout. Remember, the higher the reward, then … Read more Easy Residual Income with Dividend Stocks

Recent Buys – April 10 2019 – HSY

I recently opened up a position in Hershey (HSY) to add to my dividend portfolio. Hershey has been around for over a hundred years and the famous international chocolate maker is not going anywhere anytime soon. Hershey’s chocolates are relatively cheap for consumers so a recession in the economy may not necessarily affect the amount … Read more Recent Buys – April 10 2019 – HSY

Passive Income Dividend Investing

Dividend Investing is the fastest way to earn passive income. There I said it. You can fight me all you want with your rental properties, start-up businesses, and MLMs. I say this because you can literally start earning sit-on-your-lazy-ass-and-earn-dollars-in-your-bank-account-passive-income starting today for very little capital. What is Dividend Investing? A dividend is money paid to … Read more Passive Income Dividend Investing

Recent Buys – April 4 2019 – O and DPZ

With the combination of my recent promotion, tax refund, and work bonus, I found myself sitting on some idle cash after having paid off my huge credit card balance. With the cash, I decided to go shopping in the (stock) market. Realty Income (O) First, I decided to add to my position in Realty Income … Read more Recent Buys – April 4 2019 – O and DPZ

Why Do Stocks Drop On Ex-Dividend Date

In case you weren’t aware, or didn’t even know, a stock’s price will drop by the amount of its dividend payment on the ex-dividend date. Ex-Dividend literally translates to “without dividend”. If you plan on investing in dividend stocks, it’s important to know these dates to receive your dividend payments. But why does this happen? … Read more Why Do Stocks Drop On Ex-Dividend Date