The HSA Plan: Your Third IRA

Most people are unaware of this but did you know you probably have a third, COMPLETELY TAX FREE, retirement account? If you have a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP), you are eligible to open up an HSA and contribute to it? What is an HDHP?? An HDHP is just what it sounds like, a health … Read more

Do You Separate Your Money Into Different Buckets? – Mental Accounting Bias

  Today I’d like to address the psychological phenomenon called from the world of behavioral finance called Mental Accounting. As we enter the New Year and everyone begins making their budgets, mental accounting is very likely to pop up. People will subconsciously create different buckets for their money. As a result, their portfolios are not … Read more

Virginia College Savings Plan 529 – Save For Your Kid’s Education

Thinking about kids? Or what if you already have them? For those thinking about their kids’ future education, the IRS allows parents to open up an account that’s specific to saving for kids’ education. In Virginia where I live, it’s specifically called the Virginia College Savings Plan. These are tax-beneficial accounts that grow over time … Read more