Step 1: Emergency Fund

Welcome to the first step in personal finance. The first step, and undoubtedly the most important step, is to have an emergency fund. If there’s one thing in life that’s certain, it’s uncertainty. How is your job security? We can’t control whether or not we’ll be fired tomorrow or where next month’s rent is coming … Read moreStep 1: Emergency Fund

Ford Focus Electric Lease – Here’s Why I Did It

There’s always been a stigma revolving around leasing a car. Even in my eyes, it follows similar principles to that of renting your home instead of owning. You miss out on benefits such as tax cuts and equity. I would never have thought I would one day lease a car, which is basically a long-term … Read moreFord Focus Electric Lease – Here’s Why I Did It

Investing Money 101: A Financial Road Map

Have you been reading a lot of Investing Money 101 books and asked to yourself: “Okay. This is all great. I’m ready to change my lifestyle and start investing!…But where do I start?” It may seem daunting at first but it’s actually very easy. And for most long term investors, you can set it and … Read moreInvesting Money 101: A Financial Road Map