Do I Need Life Insurance?

This question has been popping up recently on social media and social circles: Do I need life insurance? Even worse is that life insurance companies and MLM companies that sell life insurance have been popping up around my area. Their aim is to make money off the monthly premiums from unsuspecting clients. And they do … Read moreDo I Need Life Insurance?

Financial Advice for College Graduates

As we make it through the Summer of 2015, many new graduates will soon be entering their first real world job. Some may have opted to forgo a Summer break and may have already started. Some have asked for general guidelines as they begin working their career. I’ve compiled a list of financial advice for … Read moreFinancial Advice for College Graduates

We Live In A System Designed To Keep Poor People Poor

Why the poor stay poor while rich people get richer? It’s ridiculous that the world is designed this way. And in addition, there’s a snowball effect where poor will keep getting poorer. Here’s one interesting take: our society has inadvertently (or advertently) created a “system” that keeps poor people that way. When I was writing … Read moreWe Live In A System Designed To Keep Poor People Poor

Personal Finance for College Students

A realistic Personal Finance approach while you’re still in college… I realized that most of my posts target the younger professionals. However starting your personal finance mindset in college (or even younger!) could change the course of your life! Being financially savvy at an earlier age can save you years of heartache and eliminate a … Read morePersonal Finance for College Students

Things to do before the new year

It’s almost the end of 2014 and the new year is right around the corner. It’s time to go over your checklist for 2014 and make sure you’ve completed the following: Max out your 401k The contribution limit for this year is $17,500. If your employer matches your contribution, that limit can go over $17,500. … Read moreThings to do before the new year