You’re Probably Tipping Your Waiter Incorrectly

Now how bold am I to title my post “How Much To Tip Your Waiter”. This implies that many of you out there don’t know how to tip your servers. Of course there’s no wrong way to tip and the amount of tip you leave is extremely subjective based on each individual’s experience as well … Read moreYou’re Probably Tipping Your Waiter Incorrectly

The Qualitative Side of Personal Finance

Many disciples of personal finance fall stray into the trap of numbers. When planning out the cheapest path for a purchase or adventure, many tend to dwell on the numbers alone. And as a result, come to a conclusion, based off the numbers alone. There is a qualitative side of personal finance. What they fail … Read moreThe Qualitative Side of Personal Finance

Do I Need Life Insurance?

This question has been popping up recently on social media and social circles: Do I need life insurance? Even worse is that life insurance companies and MLM companies that sell life insurance have been popping up around my area. Their aim is to make money off the monthly premiums from unsuspecting clients. And they do … Read moreDo I Need Life Insurance?

Financial Advice for College Graduates

As we make it through the Summer of 2015, many new graduates will soon be entering their first real world job. Some may have opted to forgo a Summer break and may have already started. Some have asked for general guidelines as they begin working their career. I’ve compiled a list of financial advice for … Read moreFinancial Advice for College Graduates