Monthly Dividend Income Portfolio – Receive $1,000 Per Month for $155,655 Capital Invested

  Last month I posted about a monthly dividend income portfolio using 25 of the top strongest stocks from VDIGX. These stocks included strong mature companies that pay a quarterly dividend. In that post I used Excel Solver to find the optimal allocation of shares in order to achieve a monthly dividend income of $2,000 … Read more

Create Your Own Monthly Dividend Portfolio

One of the premises of early retirement using a dividend portfolio, is that the dividend payments should be able to cover your expenses. Many people are used to receiving a consistent salary every month, so we can replicate that using dividends. Without a consistent dividend stream, it is difficult to budget our expenses after retirement.┬áToday … Read more

Matching Dividend Payments with Expenses

I have a friend whose dad, let’s call him Xenophilius (yes I’m friends with Luna Lovegood *eye roll*), is retiring next year. And in talking to my friend, the topic of retirement strategies came up. And the idea of matching dividend payments to cover monthly expenses popped into my head. Xenophilius immigrated here from another … Read more