TastyWorks Brokerage Review

I’ve been using TastyWorks for about a month now to mainly sell options. Since my strategy aligns with their mindset of “trade small, trade often.” If you’re just starting off in the world of trading/investing looking to open an account, this TastyWorks brokerage review might be right for you. I had switched over to Tastyworks … Read more

2017 New Year Jump Start

Happy New Year! It is a New Year and that means a fresh start! Many of you may be planning your budget for the year and this includes retirement contributions. Here are some things to start considering in the new year: 1. Contribute to your Retirement Fund If you haven’t finished contributing to your retirement … Read more

2016 Year End Review

How did everyone do last year? According to my brokerage account, I was lucky enough to have earned 19% despite having a bumpy opening to 2016. But that’s not the greatest achievement, at least not for me personally. I was able to get both my middle sister and my cousin started in investing, and did … Read more