Dollar Cost Averaging vs Lump Sum Investing

New Year! Let’s talk about investing. You’re thinking about maxing out your IRA for the year right now. You’re going to have a fresh new $5500 contribution to your account to use for tax-free/deferred investing. Is it better to invest this lump sum or should you be dollar cost averaging? There’s been recent studies about … Read more

It’s Better to Invest in a 5-Year CD For 3 Years Than Buy a 3-Year CD

Thinking of putting some money into a safe, short-term investment vehicle? Especially if you’re looking into making a big purchase such as a house or car soon. CDs are a good way to protect your money while keeping it growing ever so slightly. If you’re looking into buying 1 or 2-year CDs because you’re buying … Read more

Value Investing – Step by Step Guide

Value investing is Warren Buffett’s bread and butter. He identifies “cheap” companies relative to its intrinsic value and purchases them. In this post I’d like to show you the steps I take to identify what value stocks are. Why Value Investing? Value stocks are generally referred to as stocks that are cheap and on sale … Read more