Value Investing – Step by Step Guide

Value investing is Warren Buffett’s bread and butter. He identifies “cheap” companies relative to its intrinsic value and purchases them. In this post I’d like to show you the steps I take to identify what value stocks are. Why Value Investing? Value stocks are generally referred to as stocks that are cheap and on sale … Read more Value Investing – Step by Step Guide

Stock Market and Elections

What happens when you combine the stock market and elections? Election years tend to shake up the market because of the contrasting business policies from each side. This year we had a Trump vs Hilary show down. Trump has been known to be very pro-business. A pro-business agenda may benefit the stock market and elections … Read more Stock Market and Elections

Calculating Returns Correctly

Today we’re going to calculate returns correctly I’m sure you’re all off to a great new year as the markets have never been more promising and abundantly green! So let’s figure out your returns! There are a few ways to calculate your returns. First the basics: If you’re trying to see how much you made … Read more Calculating Returns Correctly