Last month I received an e-mail from TD Ameritrade saying they were eliminating commission free ETFs. A lot of my friends and family have IRAs and 401Ks with TD and invest there. More importantly, everyone has a Vanguard Total Stock Market Fund. Whether VTI or VTSAX. I felt it was my duty to determine how … Read more

Should you wait to buy the dip?

With today’s dip, is now the time to buy? The S&P took a dip today as the impending rate hike looms over our shoulder. The expected 25-basis-point increase the Feds keep mentioning may be happening on December 15th afterall. Currently the market expects it with a 76% probability. The truth is, rates were low for … Read more

Diversify Your Portfolio

There are several overriding truisms in the investment world, and one of them is truer than any other – Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Although easier than it sounds, investors are subject to the greed and deliciousness that quick riches can get them. And they go and pour their entire life savings … Read more