First Meal Prep Of The Year – Chicken and Rice – $2.44 Per Bowl

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Happy New Year to all and welcome to 2019! This is my first meal prep of the year and also my first meal prep blog post ever. I was told I should write a little bit about my meal prep instead of just posting a picture on Instagram and calling it “#mealprep”. This year I started off with something fairly simple. Chicken and rice, corn, lettuce, and hummus.

Additionally, this year I switched over from plastic food containers to glass now. I found that glass doesn’t retain the old tastes from previous meal preps. Also glass doesn’t have that permanent red stain when you meal prep spaghetti.

meal prep containers ikea

The glass containers cost $2 a piece from Ikea. The lids were an additional $1 a piece. I also purchased a set of 12 glass mason jars from Target for $9.99 which I split with my sister.

Chicken and Rice Meal Prep Ingredients

I usually do my grocery shopping between two places: Giant Food and HMart. Hmart is where I get my Asian ingredients and Giant Food is where I get my American ingredients. And also I drink copious amounts of Juice so I get those at Giant too.

So I went to Giant earlier today and picked up a package of Nature’s Promise Chicken Tenderloins for $3.67. It was originally marked $4.89 but I guess they had to get rid of it quickly. Since I was going to cook it immediately, I bought it. And I picked Nature’s Promise because it’s organic.

Is it really though?

Who knows. It could be doused in 100% poison chemicals and my dumb mind would see the word  “organic” and think “OKAY”

My mom purchased a 12-pack can of corn the last time she went to Costco. A 12-pack goes for $7.29 and the cans are gigantic. The price per can is $0.61 and I only used one can for my chicken and rice recipe.

costco sweet cown

I also like to chop up a few chili peppers and mix them into the corn. I call it my fake-me-out-Chipotle-corn-salsa.

The lettuce can be purchased anywhere. Usually Giant sells a head of lettuce for $1.49 and that will last you all week. Costco also sells romaine hearts for $3.99 if you prefer that, since you can break off a piece and eat it like finger food. Chicken and rice needs a little greens with it and that’s where the lettuce comes in.

romaine hearts costco

I also purchased the hummus from Giant. They have many different flavors but I always go for the spicy hummus. It adds a nice kick to the chicken and rice bowl.

sabra supremely spicy hummus

The hummus cost me $3.99. This was the most expensive purchase of my grocery shopping, since it was all premade. It even cost more than the chicken! Can you believe?

Putting the Meal Prep Together

The great thing is that there’s very minimal preparation and cooking involved. Given that I’m a pretty lazy guy.

Rice is available 24/7 at my house since we’re an Asian household so all I had to do was scoop some out and put it into my container. Threw the chicken tenderloins on the grill with a bit of garlic herb seasoning. Chopped up the chicken and put it on the bed of rice. Scooped out a bit of hummus for each bowl. Throw on the corn and chopped lettuce and you have yourself a chicken and rice meal prep.

chicken and rice meal prep 1chicken and rice meal prep

In Summary

  • $3.99 Sabra Spicy Hummus
  • $3.67 Chicken Tenderloins
  • $0.61 Can of Golden Sweet Corn
  • $1.49 Head of Lettuce

Total: $9.67. Makes 4 bowls.

Cost per bowl: $2.44

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