LUV in the Time of Corona

After catching up on Buffett dropping all airline stocks last week in this post, I decided to do a deeper dive into the airline industry. After all, whether with or without a crystal ball, one thing is for certain: In a normal world, we need airlines in order to function properly as an economy. Which … Read more

Warren Buffett’s 2020 Annual Shareholders Meeting

For those of you who frequently visit Omaha for Buffett’s Annual Shareholders Meeting, this year was the first time it didn’t happen in person. Buffett did a virtual Q&A this year with Becky Quick instead of the traditional way where visitors would approach the microphone to ask questions. He also did not have his partner … Read more

Get Paid to Buy Oil

On Monday this week, the price of crude oil futures dipped into the negative for the first time in history. That’s right. Negative. Imagine going to a grocery store and seeing a price tag on an item for -$30.00. “What?? I’m getting paid to buy oil??” Now before you go thinking that this is an … Read more