Dividend Income Update – July 2019

July 2019 Dividends – $173.30

Total Dividends for the Year – $2,155.18

This month I received three dividend payments from the following companies:

Date Company Ticker Dividends
7/1/2019 Coca-Cola KO $40.00
7/15/2019 Realty Income O $45.30
7/25/2019 Disney DIS $88.00

In total, I’ve received $2,155.18 so far, according to this schedule:

My Current Progress

I received dividend payments from only three companies this month. July appears to be an odd month as many larger companies are usually on the March, June, September, December cycle. Disney especially being different with their two-times per year dividend payout.

My July 2019 results this year is slightly higher than my July 2018 dividend payments.

January, April, and June are my largest payouts this year, since SPY was the core of my portfolio.


I’m still not even halfway towards my goal of $4,500 in dividend payments this year. This was definitely a lofty goal that I thought I could’ve achieved. I believe a more realistic goal for the rest of this year will be to get to $3,000 in dividend payments. Then next year, I could aim for $4,500.

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