Dividend Income Update – September 2019

September 2019 Dividends – $693.15

Total Dividends for the Year – $3,148.88

I thought I received a lot of dividends last month since I got paid by seven companies. This month i received double that from 14 companies!

Date Company Ticker Dividends
9/3/2019 Visa V $25.00
9/3/2019 Wells Fargo WFC $51.00
9/10/2019 Johnson & Johnson JNJ $9.50
9/11/2019 Southwest Airlines LUV $18.00
9/12/2019 Microsoft MSFT $46.00
9/13/2019 Kraft Heinz KHC $80.00
9/13/2019 Realty Income O $45.30
9/16/2019 Duke Energy DUK $47.25
9/16/2019 Hershey HSY $77.30
9/17/2019 McDonalds MCD $116.00
9/19/2019 Home Depot HD $136.00
9/24/2019 United Health UNH $10.80
9/27/2019 Bank of America BAC $18.00
9/30/2019 Domino’s Pizza DPZ $13.00

In total, I’ve received $3,148.88 so far, according to this schedule:

My Current Progress

I received a whopping 14 dividend payments this month, from a lot of major companies. It makes sense though since September is technically the end of the third quarter, calendar year. And a lot of big companies do pay on a quarterly basis.

My September 2019 results represent the highest amount of dividends I have received in one month and marks a new major record.


September’s dividend payment has given me a major boost towards my 2019 goal of $4,500. However, this is probably the last huge payment bomb I’ll be receiving for the year since many major companies were on this payment cycle. I’m currently on track to fall just short of meeting the goal this year but the dividends I’m receiving can be reinvested. This will lead to more compounding returns by next year. I believe I’ll be positioned to achieve the $4,500 annual dividend goal next year.

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