Ford Focus Electric Hatchback Review

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Wow! I can’t believe it’s already been a whole year since I started leasing my Ford Focus Electric Hatchback. It’s taken some getting used to budgeting out my mileage and planning my daily trips to ensure I had enough charge to get where I needed to go. Fortunately I don’t have to go to many places so it’s easy just budgeting for work and home. has statistics for everyone’s Ford electric vehicle. It also allows drivers to remotely start up, lock, and unlock their cars which is one of my favorite features of these new cars.

Ford Focus Electric Hatchback One Year Review


Ford has data that hypothetically compares the Ford Focus Electric hatchback vehicle to a standard 30 mpg car. I decided to use 30 since it would be an economical alternative that still maintains practical uses, something you may see any in major populated city.

According to MyFordMobile I’ve saved 370 gallons of gas as opposed to driving a 30 mpg car. According to AAA, the national average last year was around 3.352 for regular and 3.696 for premium.

This totals amount to $1,240.24 in regular gas saved or $1367.52 if I still had my Lexus. The costs in vehicle charging for the Ford Focus Electric Hatchback is barely a factor.

I drove 11088 miles last year. A full charge on a 23kWh battery will allow for a 76 mile trip. This means that I spent about 3,355 kWh on my car last year. Under the Virginia Dominion’s EV Pricing Plan, the price per kWh hour is $0.0536.

How I much saved after one year driving the Ford Focus Electric Hatchback

Doing some simple math:

  • Miles I drove with my car 3,355 kWh x Price per electric mile $0.0536 = $179.86. Basically my Ford Focus Electric Hatchback cost me only $179.86 all year for fuel.

Let’s compare this to the cost of having my old car. So much did I save exactly on fuel? Cost of gas in my Lexus $1,367.52 – Cost of fuel in my Ford Focus Electric Hatchback 179.86 = $1,187.66. In conclusion, I saved $1,187.66 in fuel costs alone last year having my Ford Focus Electric Hatchback. This doesn’t account for the extra miles when I would have to go out of my way to find a gas station in my old car.

Of course there are more savings to account for if we include oil changes and periodic maintenance attributed to owning an Internal Combustion Engine. Fortunately, there’s an abundance of free electric vehicle charging stations around the area.

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2 thoughts on “Ford Focus Electric Hatchback Review”

  1. Great review. Since your most likely out of this vehicle now how did the savings go for the duration of your lease? Were there any extra cost to ownership that hinder the fuel savings at the end of the day?

    • I can’t say there were any extra costs besides the electricity costs. I charged at home sometimes, and other times at work or at a public mall where they had charging stations. Fortunately, most of these spots have free charging. Even maintenance came with the car and did not really involve much. The only thing I may have spent money on was a flat tire but that’s about it.


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