Larger Pizzas Save You More Money

larger pizzasI decided to test this experiment on Dominos, attempting to do a carry-out on three different sizes of pepperoni pizzas. Dominos has a custom pizza builder you can use for this. According to their site, they carry 4 different sizes of pizzas:

Firstly, I loaded up the custom pizza builder, then added all 4 sizes into my cart to see the prices. Additionally, I used only cheese pizza to keep everything consistent. Unfortunately the extra large pizza only had one choice for the crust which was Brooklyn. I’m not sure if this affects the price but it was the only option. Once everything was loaded into the cart, I proceeded to check-out. As a result, these were the prices that came up:

  • Small (10″): $9.49
  • Medium (12″): $11.49
  • Large (14″): $13.49
  • Extra Large (“16”): 15.49

Calculating the Size of Each Pizza

After this, we use some simple elementary school math to find the areas for each pizza:

  • Small (10″): Area = πr2 = π52= 78.5 in2
  • Medium (12″): Area = πr2 = π62 = 113.04 in2
  • Large (14″): Area = πr2 = π72 = 153.86 in2
  • Extra Large (16″): Area = πr2 = π82 = 200.96 in2

Calculating the Cost per Pizza

To find price per square inch, take the cost and divide it by the area.

  • Small: Cost per inch = $9.49 / 78.5 = $0.12 per in2
  • Medium: Cost per inch = $11.49 / 113.04 = $0.10 per in2
  • Large: Cost per inch = $13.49 / 153.86 = $0.09 per in2
  • Extra Large: Cost per inch = $15.49 / 200.96 = $0.07 per in2

Based on the results above, we can conclude that the Extra Large pizza saves you the most money. With the Extra Large, save about 0.02 per square inch compared to the Large. You save $0.03 compared to the medium and $0.05 compared to the small. However, this assumes you even want to eat a gigantic pizza in the first place.

Other things to consider may be that one large piece could fill you up as opposed to trying to stuff your hunger (and possibly overeat) with a medium. It’s also something you could bring to work for lunch as a leftover. It’s easier to bring once or two large slices in a piece of aluminum foil rather than 4-5 medium slices.

However, this study has only covered Domino’s Pizza. I have not analyzed the size and costs of other popular pizza places. Has anyone else done this yet?

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  1. This is interesting! I’ve never done this when ordering food but I do it with items at the grocery store by oz (or amount) & price to see which would be cheaper! Thanks for sharing!


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