Ways To Save Electricity At Home and Utility Bills

Having switched to an electric car and spending more electricity at home to charge my car, I’ve become more cognizant of ways to save electricity at home. Here I’d like to address a life-long bill that we’ll begin paying once we move out for the first time. It’s good to be conscious of these ideas.

There are some things you can do at home to cut the amount you spend on your energy bill. I’ve started adapting to these ideas and, while they may present a very minor change in  your lifestyle, the amount you save will add up throughout the year.

Ways To Save Electricity At Home

1. Set your dishwasher to start after midnight

The majority of the city uses the most electricity right after work. This may even be considered “rush hour” which is when families are back at home, after work, after school and everyone’s watching TV and cooking meals. Because of this, energy costs during this time is higher. Most dishwashers have a timer option so to save energy bill, set your dishwasher to start after midnight. This is when costs are lowest.

2. Unplug your Chargers

Leaving your phone or laptop charger connected to the power outlet, even without your phones connected, will consume power. Although it’s an extremely low amount, the amount of phone chargers in a household can add up! If you have one of those power strips, the best thing to do when you leave for the day is to hit the off switch on the power strip. This will prevent your phone chargers from consuming unnecessary power and add to your ways to save electricity at home.

3. Use Energy Efficient Bulbs

Instead of spending $1 to buy the generic light bulbs at Walmart, spend a little more and purchase the energy-efficient ones instead! These generally run for less than $10 and lasts much longer than the $1 ones. It will also save you money in the long run!

4. Turn off the heater

A central air heater can be energy-inefficient, especially when it’s heating all the rooms in your household. This includes ones that aren’t used. Therefore, instead of turning up the thermostat, turn on an energy efficient space heater in the room you’re currently occupying. Or even better yet, turn off all forms of heat and layer up! Heating consumes a huge chunk of your energy bill during the winter months. This is probably one of the biggest ways to save electricity at home.

5. Wash with cold water instead of hot water

If your clothes aren’t too terribly dirty, consider using cold water instead of hot water. Reports from The Alliance to Save Energy indicate that 85% of the energy spent from your washing machine is actually used to heat the water. Using cold water as an alternative can save you on average of $63 per year.

6. Don’t use your stove when your microwave will do

Microwave ovens are able to perform most of the same tasks that a stove will do. However, microwaves are able to do it much more efficiently and use up to 75% less energy than a stove. If you’re doing simple things such as boiling water or steaming, using a microwave will reduce your cooking costs by 20% and add to your ways to save electricity at home.

Cut You Energy Bill Costs Early

A lot of these tips are minor tips that’ll save you a few bucks here and there on your energy bill. Chances are, these are bills you’re going to have the rest of your life so may as well start early as the savings amount will add up.

In conclusion, energy bill is something that we will be paying forever. It’s one of those few things that are difficult to escape like death and taxes. If you can find more ways to save electricity at home, feel free to share as we’re all in this together!

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30 thoughts on “Ways To Save Electricity At Home and Utility Bills”

  1. Thanks for great tips. I try to be electricity-frugal and am always looking for more ways to save. You shared some that really have me thinking what else to do. Thanks.

  2. I’m so excited to test these out! Last month, my energy bill was $20 more than it has been lately! I couldn’t figure out why exactly… I did have family in town. Do you think the extra expenses of showers and such for more people could raise my bill by that much??

  3. We converted to solar energy about three years ago (huge savings but that’s for another blog) but one of the first things we were told was to convert to LED bulbs which we did. These are all very good tips and reminders and are easy to do. Thank you for this information!

  4. These are great ideas! I had never thought about starting the dishwasher after midnight or the benefit of unplugging chargers! I’m definitely guilty of leaving chargers plugged in. Does this work if you unplug things/turn off the power strip to things you aren’t using like a computer?

  5. We’ve changed out our light bulbs, but I hadn’t even thought about the dishwasher trick. I’m going to start doing that one!

  6. These are really really great tips on how to save on your electric bill. We’re always looking to save. Specially since I have kids who like to leave the light on LOL. Thank you for sharing

  7. Hi Nero,

    Great tips. We all have a duty to preserve the earth for our children and future generations. And you’ve mentioned some straightforward and easy ways to cut back on our use of electricity, while also reducing our carbon footprint.

    Our washing machine uses cold water which is fantastic. We already use energy saving bulbs. Not sure if electricity is cheaper at night here in the U.K., but you’ve started a great conversation which I will need to continue offline with my family.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Best regards,
    Astute Copy Blogging

  8. These are really good energy saving tips This is lie tough live way to cut the cost of electricity and utilities bills. But energy wastage benefits no one. We need to be more prudent,


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