Ways To Watch TV Without Cable

ways to watch tv without cableIn this post, figure out how you can save more by finding ways to watch TV without cable. Technology is rapidly improving and many people find themselves watching shows on YouTube or Apple TV such that cutting out cable TV becomes a wise and logical decision.

As technology improves and we get busier in our adult professional lives, we start to find less time to watch TVs. I found myself cutting cable TV soon after college. The number of people who miss live programming knowing they can catch up on it later using many internet services is increasing. In addition to that, there are number of shows that can be found exclusively online.

The average cable bill per year in 2011 was $86 per month. The rates for the cable bill increase approximately 6% every year (source: Forbes). By 2015, Forbes is predicting that Cable bills be around $123.

Fortunately, the majority of providers will bundle up cable TV with other services such as Internet and Phone. Verizon and Comcast both offer a Triple Play Bundle (all three services) for $79.99 a month.

After cutting cable TV, you can find alternatives and free up more of your monthly disposable income. Annually this could be a savings of a couple thousands of dollars,  money which could then be contributed to your maximum Roth limit for the year (currently $5500).

Ways to Watch TV Without Cable

Nowadays many people are switching over to online streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu for their favorite TV shows. With these services, you can watch directly from your TV if your TV has the app. You can also watch it on your computer or cell phone.

Apple TV is a system designed to stream media to your TV. Using Apple TV has its advantages. If you have other Apple products , you can link them all together in its own ecosystem. With this you can also stream out videos you’ve taken on your phone or iPad. You can also link up your Netflix and Hulu account. YouTube works with this as well.

Roku is a new media device, similar to Apple TV, that streams hundreds of movies and TV shows to your system. A lot of people like Roku as the Apple TV alternative and some may even prefer Roku over Apple TV.

How Much Will You Save Cutting Cable TV?

To determine how much you can save, use this calculator.

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