Recent Buys – April 10 2019 – HSY

I recently opened up a position in Hershey (HSY) to add to my dividend portfolio. Hershey has been around for over a hundred years and the famous international chocolate maker is not going anywhere anytime soon. Hershey’s chocolates are relatively cheap for consumers so a recession in the economy may not necessarily affect the amount … Read more

Passive Income Dividend Investing

Dividend Investing is the fastest way to earn passive income. There I said it. You can fight me all you want with your rental properties, start-up businesses, and MLMs. I say this because you can literally start earning sit-on-your-lazy-ass-and-earn-dollars-in-your-bank-account-passive-income starting today for very little capital. What is Dividend Investing? A dividend is money paid to … Read more

March 2019 Income Statement

Wow, It felt like March flew by! I’ve been extremely busy this month with work, tutoring, and volunteering to help low-income families file their taxes through the IRS VITA Program. Given that it’s the last month before taxes are due, our volunteer centers have been busy. Anyways, without further ado, it’s time for a review … Read more