Accenture Stock Analysis (ACN)

Investment Thesis Accenture, PLC (ACN) recently reported their earnings for Q1 2019 on December 20, 2018. Accenture beat on both their top and bottom line, announcing revenues of $10.61 billion, beating consensus estimates of $10.52 billion. Their EPS grew to $1.96 beating the consensus estimates of $1.86. Accenture also raised their dividends, growing from $1.33 … Read moreAccenture Stock Analysis (ACN)

Instant Pot Skyline Chili Meal Prep – $17.22 Total

My sister is home this week for my birthday and also working from home because she’s allowed to. Since we’re both hardcore mealpreppers, we decided to go big and make Instant Pot Skyline Chili. It’s below freezing here averaging about -4°C so chili felt like a nice warm, fluid meal to eat with some bread … Read moreInstant Pot Skyline Chili Meal Prep – $17.22 Total

Create Your Own Monthly Dividend Portfolio

One of the premises of early retirement using a dividend portfolio, is that the dividend payments should be able to cover your expenses. Many people are used to receiving a consistent salary every month, so we can replicate that using dividends. Without a consistent dividend stream, it is difficult to budget our expenses after retirement. Today … Read moreCreate Your Own Monthly Dividend Portfolio

Home Depot Stock Valuation (HD)

Investment Thesis Home Depot (HD) is a stable mature company that has consistently paid out dividends for the past 31 years. Their strong dominant business in the home improvement industry is driven by continuously strong sales growth, year-over-year. Home Depot is currently trading 24% above its 52-Week low and at 76% of its 52-Week high. … Read moreHome Depot Stock Valuation (HD)

Do You Separate Your Money Into Different Buckets? – Mental Accounting Bias

  Today I’d like to address the psychological phenomenon called from the world of behavioral finance called Mental Accounting. As we enter the New Year and everyone begins making their budgets, mental accounting is very likely to pop up. People will subconsciously create different buckets for their money. As a result, their portfolios are not … Read moreDo You Separate Your Money Into Different Buckets? – Mental Accounting Bias