Dividend Income Update – May 2019

May 2019 Dividends – $162.20

Total Dividends for the Year – $1,499.80

This month I received nine dividend payments from the following companies:

Date Company Ticker Dividends
5/15/2019 Realty Income O $45.20
5/15/2019 Ally Financial, Inc. ALLY $17.00
5/15/2019 Colgate-Palmotive Company CL $43.00
5/16/2019 Synchrony Financial SYF $21.00
5/24/2019 Starbucks Corporation SBUX $36.00
Total $162.20

In total, I’ve received $1,499.80 so far, according to this schedule:

My Current Progress

I earned a lot less in dividends this month than in previous months. I’m still about 1/3 of the way towards my goal of $4,500 this year. I’ve been continually adding more towards my current positions this month, trying to build up that dividend machine. Every paycheck I receive goes towards my investments.

My May 2019 results this year is actually lower than my May 2018 dividend payments due to the sale of some specific stocks last year.

January and April gave me a huge jump this year because the core of my portfolio is retained in SPY. SPY pays out a huge dividend because I currently have 300 shares in them. As a result, I can continue to expect these dividend bombs every quarter to help me towards my goal.


Despite this May being lower than last May, I think I’m still on a good pace towards my goals for the year. Ultimately, I want to increase my monthly dividend earnings to more than $200. This month did not meet or exceed that expectation. My next milestone towards financial independence will be raising this monthly dividend average to $200 per month.

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