Becoming a Millionaire By Investing

In the book, The Millionaire Next Door, one of the lines that will always stand out to me is that how many of our friends and neighbors are secretly millionaires. This is because many of them have built up some sort of retirement savings plus they’ve gotten to the point where they’ve paid off almost … Read more Becoming a Millionaire By Investing

Recent Buys – April 10 2019 – HSY

I recently opened up a position in Hershey (HSY) to add to my dividend portfolio. Hershey has been around for over a hundred years and the famous international chocolate maker is not going anywhere anytime soon. Hershey’s chocolates are relatively cheap for consumers so a recession in the economy may not necessarily affect the amount … Read more Recent Buys – April 10 2019 – HSY

Peer to Peer Lending as Passive Income

I’ve always been fascinated with fixed income. I don’t invest in it much since I still have a long time horizon and therefore the ability (but maybe not the mentality) to endure riskier instruments. With fixed income, such as bonds and debt, one gets a “safer” return because if the company where to become insolvent, … Read more Peer to Peer Lending as Passive Income

Passive Income Dividend Investing

Dividend Investing is the fastest way to earn passive income. There I said it. You can fight me all you want with your rental properties, start-up businesses, and MLMs. I say this because you can literally start earning sit-on-your-lazy-ass-and-earn-dollars-in-your-bank-account-passive-income starting today for very little capital. What is Dividend Investing? A dividend is money paid to … Read more Passive Income Dividend Investing