Think Rich – How Millionaires View Their Money

I got into a discussion with a coworker, John, discussing the topic revolving around people who spend $7 – $10 every day at Starbucks (we’re in the DC area) grabbing coffee or snacks. We have another coworker here, Bob, who likes to eat out often and generally begins his day going to Starbucks. He grabs … Read moreThink Rich – How Millionaires View Their Money

The Qualitative Side of Personal Finance

Many disciples of personal finance fall stray into the trap of numbers. When planning out the cheapest path for a purchase or adventure, many tend to dwell on the numbers alone. And as a result, come to a conclusion, based off the numbers alone. There is a qualitative side of personal finance. What they fail … Read moreThe Qualitative Side of Personal Finance

Why You Should Not Buy Dividend Stocks

As the trend in dividend growth investing rises, I would like to point out reason why you should not buy dividend stocks. I’ve seen a lot of investors argue that it’s only wise to invest in companies that pay out a dividend, supported with questions like “Warren Buffet only invested in companies that paid dividends” … Read moreWhy You Should Not Buy Dividend Stocks

TastyWorks Brokerage Review

I’ve been using TastyWorks for about a month now to mainly sell options. Since my strategy aligns with their mindset of “trade small, trade often.” If you’re just starting off in the world of trading/investing looking to open an account, this TastyWorks brokerage review might be right for you. I had switched over to Tastyworks … Read moreTastyWorks Brokerage Review