Dividend Income Update – March 2019

March 2019 Dividends – $203.63

Total Dividends for the Year – $905.60

This month I received nine dividend payments from the following companies:

Date Company Ticker Dividends
3/5/2019 Visa V $12.50
3/12/2019 Johnson & Johnson JNJ $9.00
3/14/2019 Microsoft Corporation MSFT $23.00
3/15/2019 Mcdonald’s Corp MCD $34.80
3/15/2019 Realty Income Corp. O $22.55
3/18/2019 Duke Energy Corp DUK $46.38
3/19/2019 UnitedHealth Group Inc. UNH $9.00
3/22/2019 Kraft Heinz Co KHC $40.00
3/27/2019 Southwest Airlines Co LUV $6.40
Total $203.63

In total, I’ve received $905.60 so far, according to this schedule:

march 2019 dividend calendar

We’re about a quarter of the way through the year and I’m only about 20% towards my goal of earning $4,500 this year in dividend income. If things continue on this path, I will be around $900 short of my goal. My intention this year is to continue adding to my dividend portfolio and continue purchasing dividend stocks. These investments will gradually compound throughout the year, which makes the trajectory non-linear.


dividend income march 2019

January gave me a huge jump start in the year because the core of my portfolio is retained in SPY. SPY paid out a huge dividend because I currently have 300 shares in them. As a result, I expect another lump payout in April this month as SPY went ex-dividend last month.


My overall portfolio is up 9% this year. I’m lagging behind the S&P 500 Index, which is currently up 11% for the year. However, when the market is down, I’m also down less than the S&P so at least I have that going for me.

Ideally, I’m investing long term such that one day my portfolio will be producing passive income to cover my necessary expenses. Which basically equates to financial freedom in today’s lingo.

If I can get $100 in passive income, then that accounts for my phone expenses. Which means if I lose my job, at least I’ll still be able to make phone calls.

JK, who still even makes phone calls? I’d probably be tweeting memes about my old job.

However, ultimately I do aim to be able to receive $2,000 income per month. This is enough to cover most of life’s expenses. And if I ever move to a cheaper cost of living area, I’ll be able to pay my mortgage with that income.

My eye has always been on stable dividend growth companies as I believe dividend growth investing is king. I also like defensive stocks and non-cyclical companies. They tend to have less volatility during market swings.

Currently I’ve been looking at adding positions into COST, NKE, SBUX, and MSFT for various reasons involving continuing stable growth. I think these are staple brands that won’t be going away in a recession.

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  1. I wish I had learned more about the stock market when I was younger and done more investing. Dividend stocks were something I had heard of but never really gave much thought to them. Interesting article.

  2. Stocks are the best way of earning a recurring income for years together. I too keep earning through dividends & it gives great happiness when the money is visible in my account.

  3. Interesting article and perspective on using dividends to finance your lifestyle. Sharing your personal accounts makes you more relatable and sets the example that the everyday personal could also make this happen.

  4. As someone with an MBA and a portfolio manager for two decades this is an amazing site and amazing content. Well written and i am sure to follow it thanks for this.
    Jerry Godinho

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  6. Nero, you broke this down in a very relatable way, and it helped me understand more about dividends and stocks. I clearly need to spend some more time on your site and learning about stocks and investing. It’s always been something I wanted to learn about, but it felt so confusing. Your site seems like it would clear that up. Very well written!

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