Tofu and Rice Meal Prep – $0.94 per Bowl – Cheapest Meal Prep Ever

This week I decided to eat a little healthier since I’ve been eating out recently (McDonalds and Fried Chicken). I saw some inspiration on Reddit and decided to make something similar. What resulted was the cheapest meal prep I’ve ever made, totaling $3.77, which equated to $0.94 per bowl.

Tofu and Rice Cheapest Meal Prep

Since I’m making tofu, HMart is the best place to go shop for the ingredients I will be using. I went there and purchased a package of extra firm tofu which cost $1.59 for the package.

Use Extra Firm tofu so it doesn’t all break apart easily while you’re cooking it. Also when you’re draining out the excess fluids, it won’t break easily either. Oh and to drain out the excess water, I usually press them between two cutting boards while leaving some sort of heavy object on top.

I also bought two cans of green beans. These beans are probably cheaper at an American grocery store like Giant or Safeway but making an extra grocery trip to save a few cents didn’t make sense to me. These cans cost $1.09 each.

Cooking the Tofu

I put some vegetable oil in a pan and started cooking the tofu. I added sugar and soy sauce to flavor the tofu up a bit.

While this was happening, I drained out the water from the green beans and cooked the rice.

Once everything was done, I added all the ingredients together to make the meal prep. I microwaved the green beans for a bit before I added them to the bowl. Then, I added some Sriracha on top for spice.

And there you have it: a healthy cheap mealprep for $0.94 per bowl. Let it sit out for a while to cool down before putting it in the fridge.

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